James D. Malone

TunnelVision CEO & Artist


Art has the ability to define our perception of the world.  When art lacks the perspective and culture of entire population of people, it can create a lopsided view of the world around us, often skewing our perceptions of self negatively.  Art Dealer James Dominic digs deep to fill the missing perspectives within the contemporary and fine art world. He recognized early on that there was a lack of truthful representation of the African Diaspora showcased within the world of fine art and questioned why.  Representing a group of Black contemporary artists known as TunnelVision, he discovered that his artists were not treated with the same seriousness or given the same intentional execution to be provided the visibility that artists of mainstream, Eurocentric art were given.  


Having been raised in a pro-black, Pan-African household, he grew up with a strong sense of pride, confidence in himself, his culture, and his history. He looked at his peers, his friends, the students that he taught, and the young men that he mentored and realized that they had not grown up with the same positive imagery.  It was then that he realized that the lack of representation in both historical and contemporary context was negatively impacting his community. Recognizing the gap not only had influence on the art but on the souls of his fellow African-Americans, he knew he had to make a change within the highly visible contemporary art market.


It is James Dominic’s mission to liberate marginalized groups through the development of an infrastructure that first supports Black Contemporary Artists that represent truth, the freedom to seek truth, the fearlessness to speak truth, and the will to grow within their craft. It is his belief that the emergence of the infinitely dimensional and fluid art of the African Diaspora has the power to shift the mind waves and vibrations of thought and creativity to properly balance this lopsided perspective and bring value back to those once deemed less valuable. It is his goal to bring back true diversity as it must be represented to right what has gone wrong in our humanity.  To bring true acknowledgement and respect to the lost voices of our society.