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TunnelVision, a collective of Black Artists reprogramming the Contemporary Art Worlds.

Based in Brooklyn, New York TunnelVision inspires a cultural shift in the art worlds that value the artistry and discovery of Black Contemporary Art through a diverse array of art shows, activations and retail opportunities. As well as, artists management and gallery representation.


 TunnelVision Artists Agency (TVA) is an agency and artist collective “Based in East New York-Brooklyn, this group of photographers, digital artists, fashion designers, painters, and musicians extends a legacy of artmaking and culturekeeping that is reminiscent of collectives like the Organization of Black American Culture and the Black Rock Coalition, yet attuned to the complicated cultural times we occupy. In an era where representation purports to emanate from the cultural mainstream, the dynamic visages of Blackness and reality that emanate from the lens of the TVA challenge what those streams project as the ultimate reality. Further, TVA renames its stream as the main—and perhaps the only way possible to represent reality—rather than seeking other people’s center in order to articulate its message. Recognizing no boundaries between the visual and the aural, this collective works to extend a vision of Black humanity that both represents and transcends the time and space we occupy. The work of this collective is marked by a strong sense of coloration and a keen eye toward the beauty of the figure—particularly, the Black figure. TVA was founded in 2013 and has grown precipitously, while remaining grounded by community and family. The collective has exhibited at [re]New LotsOkay Space, and SXSW 2017. The artists’ philosophy is in part guided by the desire to remain focused on the particular, in order to more effectively realize the larger world—hence, the idea of TunnelVision. The collective includes founders James “JD” Malone, Stephen Small-Warner, and Dexter Jones. Painter Sophia Dawson, the fashion designer Berchelle Egerton, the singer-songwriter Geminelle, the musical director- guitarist Joseph Deadwiley, and the DJ Austin Trapp”.-( A Gathering Together)


For all bookings contact jd malone at jdmalone@tunnelvisionartists.com

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