We’re taking a road trip down to SXSW and we want to bring ya’ll with us.

We’ve packed up and curated the Brooklyn art culture that is black contemporary art, injecting art into the hype. Shop and explore our capsule collection with pieces from each artist and get an inside look to where our story started. Whether you’re catching vibes with us in Austin, or following the journey from home, we've got all the moves, goods and stories that make up our SXSW takeover.

Wrap up the week with our main event on Thursday, March 16.

For location and RSVP, click here.


TunnelVision is the pioneer for the misrepresented artists of our time – the lost voices formally known as Black Contemporary Artists.  

An entire artist perspective has been neglected and it's our continuous goal to be the platform that propels these artists and their work forward, into the conversation and the art marketplace at large. James Malone, founder and artist of TunnelVision, saw a need to create a platform that supports the emerging Black Contemporary Artists of today, thus establishing TunnelVision.  

Based in Brooklyn, NY, TunnelVision aims to inspire a cultural shift in the arts community that values the artistry and discovery of Black Contemporary Art through gallery representation, artist management, and a diverse array of retail opportunities. 

We have worked with media outlets such as OkayAfrica, BBC World, TXTURE magazine in addition to several others. Our advertising clients include Kibonen, The Wrap Life, 1953, Never Foreign and many more.